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Naruto Ninja Way

Stvori originalnog lika i postani najjači ninja u Naruto svetu! Izaberi put dobra i postani lider sela - kage ili se odluči za put zla i kreiraj organizaciju kojom ćeš uništiti svet!


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Naruto Ninja Way 2019

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Genin Exam

Genin Exam is the first step in your ninja path. It will enable you different kinds of gaining experience and many other things. You will get the first skill point which u can use to learn one ninja class (Elements, Genjutsu for ex.). It's designed for you to test your ability to roleplay and fight in the forum-like game. Example of genin Exam is linked below and it's highly suggested to check it before starting your Exam.

How to do Genin Exam?

1. Click the Start Exam button and you will be at theme creation page.

2. Name the theme "YOUR NAME" Genin Exam ( Trolling at this point will be punishable. ) and in post write down: This is my first genin exam (second if it's second etc.)

3. Fight NPC Genin and complete your posts with roleplay (see the example of an exam - link below)

How to use roleplay options?

4. It's almost impossible to win and after you lose withdraw. After that write post with content: My exam is finished.

5. Wait administration to validate your exam and set you new Genin rank.

Exam Example Start Exam